Home water filtration

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Every 40,000 gallons

Product Overview

The 20 inch Full Flow 5 nominal micron carbon block uses top of the line coconut shell housing. It is NSF standard 42 certified. This low cost carbon block filter outperforms granular activated carbon cartridges in chlorine reduction, lower pressure drop, lower cost and offers no water channeling. It offers a long life of up to 40,000 gallons at 4 gallon per minute flow rate.

Whats Included

  1. Furnish New Filtration System
  2. Connect system to existing loop with field built copper supply lines
  3. Start up system and test all functions and connections
  4. Haul away and disposal of existing system when applicable

The cost to add a water treatment loop varies. An on site estimate is needed to establish the extra cost of the loop that is not included in the online pricing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review