Healthy Climate PureAir LB-113713C 20x21x5 Annual Maintenance Kit MERV16 for PCO14-23

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Product Overview

Healthy Climate®

PureAir™ Air Purification System

Cleans the air in the home better than any other single system

The PureAir™ system attacks all three classes of contaminants, providing a healthier home environment:
Particles: small breathable particles such as pollen, dust and pet dander
Bioaerosols and microorganisms: viruses, dust mites, bacteria, mold spores and fungi
Odors and chemical vapors: pet odors, cooking smells, cleaning supplies and paints

The annual maintenance kit for PCO14-23 includes the following:
1 - X8790: Healthy Climate® MERV 16 pleated filter
1 - PCO insert
2 - UVA lamps

Brand Healthy Climate
Catalog Number X8797
Model/Part Number LB-113713C
Minimum Order Quantity 0.0
Base Unit of Measure Unit(S)
Nominal Size 20 x 21 x 5
Actual Size 20 x 20-5/8 x 4-3/8


(No reviews yet) Write a Review